Winston's love for both the arts and sciences runs deep. His passions include subjects from microbiology, to creative writing, even to rock & roll. After graduating from Southwestern University with a Bachelor of Science in Biology, he further studied modern music production, website and enterprise software development, and the laws surrounding these interests.

Winston Myers, Director & Co-Founder

Phillip is a current masters student of Artificial Intelligence at Utrecht University. When he's not riding bikes and budget antiquing, he´s using deep learning for medical imagining applications. Phillip is also the founder and director of EnglUUsion, which provides English language education for local refugees continuing their education in the Netherlands.

Phil Wozny, Co-Founder

Stinson, having earned his Bachelor of Music with a focus on Music Theory and Composition, has a deep passion for music, which he shares by both teaching and performing. Through solo and group performances, he has premiered his music at the New Media Art and Sound Summit.

Stinson Seuser, Chief Creative Director

A fan of language, science, and politics, once C.H.T learned of Organic Helicopter he joined immediately. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies, studied Mandarin in Taipei, and has a deep passion for writing.

C. H. T., Editor-in-Chief

Phil graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Theater with minor in Communications from Southwestern University. In 2016, he joined Organic Helicopter with a particular interest in creating performance pieces that would integrate his passions for art and science.

Phil Smith, Chief Treasurer