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Beer is my good friend

Beer is my good friend Though never depend How I wish I could For I know I would Forever drink beer A life without fear. I drink to Bastille I drink till I kneel I stumble and fall When I kick the ball Blood with alcohol Just hope I don’t brawl. Nervous system slow Slurring ...

so silent that it has feedback

This Protein Poem was written without a pre-conceived theme.  While the topic of conversation was known, the goal was to allow the poem to move towards a different theme.  Learn more about Protein Poems here. i don't know your thoughts, your audio think would not tell. already girls and boys of America talk about everything ...

The Pizza Not Uneaten

Two slices sat on a yellow plate And sorry I could not not eat twain And be one human, quickly I ate And gazed longingly at two grease stains To where the grease glimmered in the light;

Hark! The Mosquitoes Ring

Hark! The Mosquitoes Ring Hatred of the itching War on earth as deet sprays Never to my dismay Joyful as itching wanes Mosquitoes are my bane

Life of Diamonds

Like a diamond in the sky A planet of carbon Hard and crystallized. Do they have diamond families? Living in diamond houses, Eating diamond food?

Ode to Caffeine

Caffeine, caffeine, what joy you bring to me, Coffee, coffee, you are the one I need.

Less Obvious Consequences

A Protein Poem (2011) It starts with you. Creating life, the grand finale, from masturbation, to reproduction. Reproduction police, those natural predators, they tell you masturbation is genocide, but if that’s true, then I commit three genocides a day. It’s like scare tactics, a generation of misinformation, starting with the stupid out there, education might ...

My Grandma

A Protein Poem (2011) My Grandma was what you’d call, “charmingly racist.” A black man cut her in line, she said he voted for Obama, she’s really white.


Good flow through, The cleaved. The way out felt longer, than the return. And walking was hard, at first. A Poem by Phil Wozny


Pearls are precious, To divers, Not clams.