Organic Helicopter creates living performances of scientific models by using a carefully-defined set of rules to determine people’s interactions; the final result can range from poetry, to improvised music, or dance. We have worked with a variety of mediums, including poetry,  improvised music, and improvised dance.  Below is a list of past projects.  Be sure to stay tuned for future developments!

Protein Poems – a live, group discussion is transcribed and processed to generate poetry analogous to the way cells translate DNA into proteins.

HIV & Cell Death Through Music – an improvised musical piece simulating HIV invading and destroying a T-helper cell through live musical transcription and improvisation.

Dance Based Rigidly Around Integrated Neural Networks (DBRAINN) – a live choreographed dance piece showcasing how the human brain makes decisions to move while adjusting in a changing physical and emotional environment.

Blog and Online Content –  Want to keep up with the the most recent science news while reading an exciting short fiction story? Learn more about our latest writing effort.

Future Projects! – check out some of our upcoming projects!