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so silent that it has feedback

This Protein Poem was written without a pre-conceived theme.  While the topic of conversation was known, the goal was to allow the poem to move towards a different theme.  Learn more about Protein Poems here. i don't know your thoughts, your audio think would not tell. already girls and boys of America talk about everything ...

I Thought We Were Supposed to Talk about Other Things

Disappointed portrait supposed talk about other things the truth is getting it covered up


Lonestar - A Protein Poem (2017) That's not it, Which is it? Needs be there, but did not follow. Protein equals Poem, that's clear, technically lone star, all one star, nice.

Less Obvious Consequences

A Protein Poem (2011) It starts with you. Creating life, the grand finale, from masturbation, to reproduction. Reproduction police, those natural predators, they tell you masturbation is genocide, but if that’s true, then I commit three genocides a day. It’s like scare tactics, a generation of misinformation, starting with the stupid out there, education might ...

My Grandma

A Protein Poem (2011) My Grandma was what you’d call, “charmingly racist.” A black man cut her in line, she said he voted for Obama, she’s really white.

The Game

A Protein Poem (2011) Like a skeezy old man or a demon child, or a teddy bear? You can just cut off the top parts of the hair, I think it’s probably velvet, people put their hands on it, if it’s clean. A weird house, on the furry side, completely covered in shag carpet. They ...


A Protein Poem (2011) Police education might be a start. Textbook law, the way we frame it makes it more appealing, less obvious consequences. I’m lactose intolerant: pay the fine, download videos: pay the fine. Then it got to chemical sterilization, this is a line to cross. Deaf ears breaking the rules, every man, woman, ...

It was a Sunday

A Protein Poem (2011) It was on Sunday, I still get embarrassed by it. It was a lot more awkward than it had to be, I put too much stock in how much I can get from people, when communication is lost, eye contact reflects what they’re desperate for. And it can make some things ...

X-Files (Pt. 2)

A Protein Poem (2017) Do you believe in aliens? We know more about space than we do about oceans, it's like the fourth dimension, there's no light, no sound, invading us, broadcasting. I saw a box, 1979, I swear to god, you could draw pictures, snippets, skepticism, sound doesn't move in space. NASA’s main thing ...

Unreadable Eyes

I like it when people have unreadable eyes.