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Process Art, a Dish Best Practiced Cold: Cell Stories Update 4

What do mitochondria and stories have in common? Read how we continue to hone several cellular processes into a cohesive process that generates a story. This week we discuss the latest developments of our newest piece, Cell Stories.

Update Number Three – Cellular Stories & Communication

This last weekend, for the second time, we held a pilot test of Cellular Stories; the first test we practiced creating plot points from conversation transcripts, this test we did that and practiced creating characters - since, you know, a story without any characters isn’t much of a story.

Where the Whiteboard Ends: Developing Cellular Stories, a New Process Art Piece

This article discusses the method of creating a new Organic Helicopter process piece, Cellular Stories. Our first piece was Protein Poems - a method that creates a poem from a conversation in a manner similar to how proteins are created from RNA and DNA (read some here). We recently gathered around a table, surrounded ourselves with Lonestar and whiteboards (and Lonestar) to expand this model into something new. Instead of creating a poem, we strove to create a complete story. This new process is named Cellular Stories.

…And Running! An expansion of Organic Helicopter and Protein Poems

It's been almost 6 years since Organic Helicopter began teaching how proteins are made from DNA, by making poems from conversation. We wanted to build upon the old idea of a couple of kooky liberal arts students doing progressively austere performance art. This meant that we had to turn pro and after more than six months of planning, we have purchased our own domain. Now we are putting out content to keep science and multidisciplinary discussions approachable while playing with the ideas in a different way than sites like (don't get me wrong, they're freaking awesome and I don't even want to compete). The next step was clear: to generate full stories from conversations vis-a-vis Protein Poems. Our new piece would be dubbed Cellular Stories.

And We’re Off!

Here’s the big news: in addition to this blog, we are looking to start an active, regular group as we begin exploring new projects. Please feel free to email with any ideas and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. While we are based in Austin, Texas, we hope that this blog, along with more content we’ll produce in the coming months, will spread our message of interdisciplinary love far and wide.


Finally Dancing

Tonight's rehearsal was quite a romp despite time constraints and getting lost inside the UT Football stadium. Misty has joined the team and she's wonderful. She said, "I've always been interested in the Why and How of movement" To which we replied, "well good, that's whats were doing." We developed a new exercise to get ...



Dance Based Roughly Around Integrated Neural Networks. Hopefully by the end of the month we can tell the folks at Frontera Fest that we are changing our name to Dance Based Rigidly Around Integrated Neural Networks. We had a wiley rehearsal last night in the garage of Boys Town USA where we hammered out some ...


Rehearsal #2

Yesterday we did our second rehearsal with musicians. The first time it was just one person playing and one person transcribing. This time we tried 1 person playing and 2 alternating transcribers. Then 2 people playing with 2 alternating transcribers. A Laura then joined one of the groups as a viral marimba player and the ...