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The Body of the Future

"The Netherlands is a forward thinking place. Everyone seems to chipping away at the future in one way or another. In such a milieu, I often encounter a certain type of futurist that I find very problematic, the hardcore trans-humanist."


Good flow through, The cleaved. The way out felt longer, than the return. And walking was hard, at first. A Poem by Phil Wozny


Good behavior Is a tepid beam Supporting real Glands where Error seeps revealing. A Poem by Phil Wozny


Finally Dancing

Tonight's rehearsal was quite a romp despite time constraints and getting lost inside the UT Football stadium. Misty has joined the team and she's wonderful. She said, "I've always been interested in the Why and How of movement" To which we replied, "well good, that's whats were doing." We developed a new exercise to get ...



Dance Based Roughly Around Integrated Neural Networks. Hopefully by the end of the month we can tell the folks at Frontera Fest that we are changing our name to Dance Based Rigidly Around Integrated Neural Networks. We had a wiley rehearsal last night in the garage of Boys Town USA where we hammered out some ...


Rehearsal #2

Yesterday we did our second rehearsal with musicians. The first time it was just one person playing and one person transcribing. This time we tried 1 person playing and 2 alternating transcribers. Then 2 people playing with 2 alternating transcribers. A Laura then joined one of the groups as a viral marimba player and the ...