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Beer is my good friend

Beer is my good friend Though never depend How I wish I could For I know I would Forever drink beer A life without fear. I drink to Bastille I drink till I kneel I stumble and fall When I kick the ball Blood with alcohol Just hope I don’t brawl. Nervous system slow Slurring ...

The Pizza Not Uneaten

Two slices sat on a yellow plate And sorry I could not not eat twain And be one human, quickly I ate And gazed longingly at two grease stains To where the grease glimmered in the light;

Hark! The Mosquitoes Ring

Hark! The Mosquitoes Ring Hatred of the itching War on earth as deet sprays Never to my dismay Joyful as itching wanes Mosquitoes are my bane

Dr. Normhate, Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Nuclear Summer

In a world ravaged by a decade of war, how far would desperation push those in power to stop the fighting? How many years would it take for them to learn to stop worrying and love the bomb?

Ode to Caffeine

Caffeine, caffeine, what joy you bring to me, Coffee, coffee, you are the one I need.

Tidal Lock

Life in Trappist-1: A World of Twilight and Danger. What would life be like in Trappist-1? Here is just one possibility!

Machine of Carbon

Eve opened her eyes. Could it be? Is she alive? Or is this the afterlife? She tried to raise her head but couldn't – for the bulky neural cap would not budge. She moved her fingers and wiggled her toes. She couldn't believe it. She was alive! “Eve?” said a human doctor. Doctors surrounded her. The room was white and sterile. Just next to her, laid an old woman. It was her – her original self. The old woman was one of the oldest people in the world. She laid there sleeping. She would not wake again.

A World Unknown: Taiwan

Part II: will climate change push China to seize Taiwan? How will the environment affect geopolitics?

Two-Way Street

Can identity be kept if all minds are linked?

Doggy Day Dreams

A Flash Fiction Exploring What Dogs Dream About.