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The Hive

Will Camfield recently traveled to one of London’s popular attractions: The Hive. This work of art was not only pleasing for the senses, but it also got him thinking of a critical issue. This is his story.

Which Came First, the Frenchman or the Egg?

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to spend a few days in Paris with my old friend Sarah Maxwell who lives in the city and works as an illustrator. we went to the Louvre after surviving the roundabout at the Arc du Triomphe. As it turned out we were in luck. Abraham Poincheval, the man himself, was in the building hatching eggs nearby. So we scurried over to see a greying, scruffy, white-sock-wearing guy in his mid 40s sitting above the eggs. We spent a few giggle filled minutes circling the cube and making occasional eye contact with Poincheval, almost as a kind of dare.

The Matter of the Black Bean

The Bean absorb 99.965% of all radiation that hits it. It’s an aesthetic black hole. In this age we are the Vantablack, splattered in logo-shaped splotches all over the internet. That’s all definitely a bit vulgar, but I can’t help but think the whole mess is devastatingly pretty in a fucked up kind of way.