Organic Helicopter, like many other ideas, was born on a university campus. Walking from a biology class in 2010, it dawned on us that art could serve as an analogy for science. After much discussion, we created our first project: Protein Poems – poems derived from mimicking protein synthesis. And so Organic Helicopter was born.

For the next couple years, Organic Helicopter was very active. We created even more projects: DBRAINN (Dance Based Rigidly Around Integrated Neural Networks) – a live choreographed dance showcasing how the brain makes decisions to move while adjusting to a changing environment; and HIV & Cell Death Through Music – an improvised musical piece simulating HIV invading and destroying a T-helper cell through live musical transcription.

After our performance at FronteraFest 2014, Organic Helicopter faded as adulthood began, until in late 2016 O.H. had its rebirth. New members, new projects, new goals. We now strive to explore science through art, and to create art through science. Our newest projects include: Investigative Inquires – where we interview those on the frontier of innovation; and Flash (Science) Fiction – where we create flash fictions exploring the latest scientific discoveries. We continue to create new process art pieces, learn more about our latest developments and The Process.

Science liberates the body, art liberates the mind. That is our belief and what we strive to achieve through our works.

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