so silent that it has feedback

This Protein Poem was written without a pre-conceived theme.  While the topic of conversation was known, the goal was to allow the poem to move towards a different theme.  Learn more about Protein Poems here.

i don’t know your thoughts,
your audio think would not tell.
already girls and boys of America talk
about everything we can talk about.
so wake up because we are working,
it is very well known.
yeah yeah yeah, saying it’s a pain to go after
meetings, like anybody wants to know.

i want to watch.
all that he’s been finishing up,
all that he’s been in, he’s been like fire.
thinking is like getting rid of pain
at first, like making up rain.
first serve with your work
so you can just start it.
i don’t know if it works always,

they’re not words that make perfect sense
together, smiling a lot of words are real.
spelling a lot of the real world,
so silent that it has a feedback
this sound would not make.

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