This is a Protein Poem where the topic was known by the poet. We are working on new ways to expand Protein Poems for different scenarios, feel free to Contact Us if you have any ideas!

Disappointed portrait
supposed talk about other things
the truth is getting covered up

A better day wants you
so I fill in feedback
those of us are reading it
and then it’s like we’re reading it

That’d be a lot easier
and then it’s trying to transcribe
what we are reading there anyway
that this is scientifically sound
that it would not make any…

I thought we were supposed
to talk about other things
that’d be a lot easier
imagine how they would read
doing sh*t that’s one thing
yet it was the best of times

Come with me if you wanna
live where that’d be a lot easier
it makes me sad
all the greatest figures wonder
what those guys think about
I cant even imagine
how would this weigh on any sense

Part of comedy is hate
a lot of things hate non stop about wants
I think I would have been more
I feel like I understood where
they were coming from,a comedy of hate
had a rodent problem I did I accidentally
set fire like putting up a broom for sweeping up
after just then of course is the public exposed

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