A Protein Poem (2017)

That’s not it,
Which is it?
Needs be there,
but did not follow.

Protein equals Poem,
that’s clear,
technically lone star,
all one star,

Alternative Fact,
falling back,
make em up,
trim stuff.

all lies,
too complicated,
screw it,
just say no.

really weird,
fat beat,

Damn door,
like a ladder,
closer to stairs,
probably off,
one was blank.

People will follow,
thinking left to right,
where it break down,
wanna have process.

First beanie baby,
smells pretty bad,
it’s off track,
my proudest moment.

Winston’s gas,
that smell was,
it be,
his genes.

Want to,

Interactive Audience

  • Riley Webb
  • Phillip Smith
  • Stinson Seuser
  • Winston Myers

  • Will Camfield


  • Clayton Tucker

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