Less Obvious Consequences

A Protein Poem (2011)

It starts with you.

Creating life,
the grand finale,
from masturbation,
to reproduction.

Reproduction police,
those natural predators,
they tell you masturbation is genocide,
but if that’s true,
then I commit three genocides a day.

It’s like scare tactics,
a generation of misinformation,
starting with the stupid out there,
education might be a start.

But I’ve been there before,
and it doesn’t look like a miracle,
and now I’m in my bed,
sliding around.

I feel so cut off,
chemical sterilization might be a start,
think about it,
there are already kids out there.

Breaking the rules,
taking a picture of somebody’s wake,
posting it on Facebook,
maybe it’s just the bubble,
fuzzy things that fall.

In this hole of a college,
it’s an honor to be able to reproduce,
and education might be a start,
but this is a weird line to cross.

“I will love you forever,”
most of these feelings you can’t describe and so you say,
“I love you,”
when really love’s got nothing to do with it.

It’s just a means of subsistence,
some people believe in love at first sight.

On the first day they met each other,
my grandfather asked my grandmother to marry her,
after all the work,
we’re left with thirty cousins,
and miserable divorce letters.

Love’s not instinctual,
it’s a compilation of things we don’t understand,
you can’t promise yourself to someone,
you can just be vulnerable,

And scream a lot,
and hope for the best,
hope for mutual happiness,
until the equilibrium starts to shift,
and you realize that person is not worth loving.

And you go find someone else to be infatuated with,
but don’t worry about it,
box those feelings up,
get to know each other first.

Care for a home,
before you care for children,
it’s never like “now I love you,”
or loving one person more than another,
or becoming the breadwinner.

It’s about a greater level of happiness,
gathering what’s necessary,
a context,
and a history.

This is a Protein Poem from one of the very first rounds back in 2010.  If you remember participating in this poem, comment with your role. We’d love to hear back from you!

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