A Protein Poem (2011)

Police education might be a start.

Textbook law,
the way we frame it makes it more appealing,
less obvious consequences.

I’m lactose intolerant:
pay the fine,
download videos:
pay the fine.

Then it got
to chemical sterilization,
this is a line to cross.

Deaf ears breaking the rules,
every man,
and child – DNA.

that’s our second rule,
it’s hard to obtain information.

Like some guy,
took a picture,
somebody’s wake,
posted on Facebook.

Creation and genocide,
menstruation and
it doesn’t look like a miracle.

This is a Protein Poem from one of the very first rounds back in 2010.  If you remember participating in this poem, comment with your role. We’d love to hear back from you!

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