It was a Sunday

A Protein Poem (2011)

It was on Sunday,
I still get embarrassed by it.

It was a lot more awkward than it had to be,
I put too much stock in how much I can get from people,
when communication is lost,
eye contact reflects what they’re desperate for.

And it can make some things so,
the mentality of a realist.

Their eyes of solace,
can lie,
a lot of it has to do with exerting energy,
using people to get to him.

He could be my favorite person,
he could be something so green,
or blue or brown.

It was a Sunday,
I didn’t take a shower,
I asked for an ability,
to shift a soul.

It was just a cold stare,
I tried to read him,
but it hurt to talk.

Anything can illuminate,
those unreadable eyes,
so when it comes to this,
the accused and the accusers.

A false hope,
nothing there,
it’s good to do something different.

What I see,
in myself,
window to people’s souls,
I think they’re expressive but not a window.

What do you define as a soul?
I like when people have really unreadable eyes
Or super emotive

Do you think that they can lie?
My favorite people are like that
Maybe if I saw more of him,
he could be my favorite person

You can use me to get to him,
exerting that energy,
a lot of it has to do with eye contact.

Eyes can make things a lot more awkward than they have to be,
unexpected or unwanted contact,
the eyes of solace,
eye contact reflects mentality.

The accused and the accusers,
food that they’re desperate for,
take away from something you think is meaningful.

It could just be eyes,
I put too much stock in how much you can get from people,
do you think you’re a pessimist or a realist?
so when it comes to this.

Do you think eyes can be predictive?
I think eye contact can do a lot for people,
a sign of hope.

when communication is lost,
a false hope,
but a false hope can still be real hope.

In moments when things are so real it hurts to talk,
it was on Sunday,
I’ve tried to read.

Is it just a cold stare?
Nothing there,
I still get embarrassed by it,
I didn’t take a shower.

This is a Protein Poem from one of the very first rounds back in 2010.  If you remember participating in this poem, comment with your role. We’d love to hear back from you!

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