Doggy Day Dreams

A Flash Fiction Exploring What Dogs Dream About.

A Flash (Science) Fiction — Dogs dream about their days and what is important to them. For more information about what dogs and other animals dream about, see this article from IFL Science!

There I was: standing in the middle of the green meadow, when suddenly a new scent caught my attention. What could it be? It smelled so familiar, yet I couldn’t place it. Why couldn’t I place it? The world quivered and moaned, it was as if it were trying to tell me something.

I took off in a dead run. I ran through the dream-like meadow, when suddenly the scent became stronger to my left. I turned to the left and ran toward it. I ran and I ran. The world quivered once more, however this time the grass at each of my sides rose from the Earth. They spun around me until they came together to form a cat.

Cats: my second worst nemesis! How I hate them, and how they hate me!

Suddenly, within the blink of an eye, the green meadow became my backyard. The cat was still there, however. How dare it be in MY backyard! I ran towards it, but as I did, it kneeled to do its business in my yard! Enraged beyond belief at the audacity of this conniving feline, I barked ferociously. Just as the dastardly cat turned its pea-brain sized head to give me the stink eye, I lunged upon it. However, the moment I did, it was gone.

I looked and sniffed around for the invisible cat. I was certain it was around here somewhere! Damn cats! Always trying to take a sh*t in my yard! Who does it think it is?! Invisible or not I will find it!

A new scent entered my snout. Food! There’s food somewhere around me! I turned around to see my master – my most favorite humans! And in his hands, was an opened jar of peanut butter! It shined with the light of the God of Dogs himself! It was the holy grail of peanut butter! I ran to him as fast as I doggedly could. But just before I reached my most favorite of favorites holding my other most favorite of favorites, my master was suddenly and deliberately attacked by a vile raccoon.

Raccoons: my absolute worst nemesis! How I HATE that sneaky and smelly demon! It attacked my master with a viciousness unknown to this world; but most troubling of all, that bastard went for my peanut butter! So I barked, and I growled. The hair on my back stood tall, and the demon ran in fear. I have saved my master, I saved my peanut butter, and I was a good boy.

Meanwhile, Francisco sat at his computer. He listened and watched his dreaming dog with great amusement. His paws twitched, his growls were muffled, his barks echoed from his throat, his hair stood up, and he even appeared to wag his tail. The dog had quite a day: they first went to the Bark Park in the green meadow, his dog chased a feral cat or two, had a bit of peanut butter as an extra snack, and even scared away the neighborhood raccoon who lived in the sewer down the street. Francisco sat and wondered what ol’ Spike was dreaming about.

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