X-Files (Pt. 2)

A Protein Poem (2017)

Do you believe in aliens?

We know more about space than we do about oceans,
it’s like the fourth dimension,
there’s no light, no sound,
invading us,

I saw a box, 1979,
I swear to god,
you could draw pictures,
snippets, skepticism,
sound doesn’t move in space.

NASA’s main thing is to study Earth,
some Beatles, golf ball,
it reminds me of everything man has achieved,
the record Carl Sagan sent out.

Aren’t there alternative realities at this point?
Giant radio telescopes or whatever, bang noises, space garbage,
just launch Men in Black, I’m just sayin,
we got a cat on the attic,
it’s made of gold.

This one cluster, another life form,
thousands of particles, I swear to god,
sound waves, deep space, multiple different frequencies,
it makes him God,
Have y’all ever looked up in the sky?

It’s out there, It’s made of gold,
is there any way we could communicate with them?
Morse code ON A ROCKET,
hopefully someone gets this.

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