A Protein Poem (2017)

Love going to stores,
wanna find out.

Why not go to the store,
press buttons and things,
always takes forever.

Get what I want,
get the F out,
I can’t fathom.

It freakin’ sucks,
in the hot Texas sun.

Brothers getting the sweats
unhappy and unhappy,
I’m that one.

Never try on clothes,
don’t waste time,
putting on clothes.

Get butt naked,
someone’s looking at me in there,
we won’t come back here.

Can’t wear my boots anymore,
developing at 25,
that’s a lie.

Don’t sniff gas,
they have an app for that,
one called brain game.

Stop trying to learn,
these basic functions,
continual learning,
that’s all it comes down to.

You get to test,
I’ve always loved.

I prefer sleeping,
You were permanent.


DNA (Interactive Audience)

  • Riley Webb
  • Phillip Smith
  • Ming Tai
  • Winston Myers

  • Stinson Seuser


  • Brooks Benadum

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