Rehearsal #2

Yesterday we did our second rehearsal with musicians. The first time it was just one person playing and one person transcribing. This time we tried 1 person playing and 2 alternating transcribers. Then 2 people playing with 2 alternating transcribers. A Laura then joined one of the groups as a viral marimba player and the music wacky.

We’ve reached the point where we can get a piece of good sounding music that changes  slightly with each round of reinterpretation. One time the melody went in and came back almost the same but minor. The current issue is how is the viral melody going to bleed into the melodies of the regular players. We will try a few solutions next Friday. One of which is very an original melody with that is mostly empty space, and the viral melody merely fills in the gaps. That way the transcriber can hear the two melodies and transcribe them as one.

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